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Rhythmic Moon - Limi 20

BlUe SpEctRal NIghT

--->>> kEEn 63 <<<---


Dissolving the dreamspell of history - January 1st, 2014

((( 13:20 Radial Perspectives ^|^ 2013 ))) 

“Happy Gregorian New Year."

               %$$Fukushima is here !

Have a Sirius night cap with us & enjoy a most unconventional approach to the Gregorian so called "new year." Seriously folks, prophecy sneaks up on you when least expected; it's bubbling up from the core to the surface as we speak.

Obscured by today’s cybernet wire is the conspiracy buzz and storm news of the mid-west and east coast polar vortex. Another nuclear Gregorian new year cycle begins & it's record breaking, chilly cold out there !

Recapitulating current events related to the winter solstice of 2012, PAN Agent’s 53 and 67 are taking inventory of the days related to “z-closing of the cycle" and it is our intent to bring a "radial perspective" of the Great Cycle to mind. This has become big politic; who can score the lore ?

Certainly the most hyped-out date of the 21st century will be remembered as the Mayan Great Cycle of December 21st, 2012. This blog post seeks to set the record straight while highlighting the synchrony (or lack of it), along with the social dynamics, circumstances, accomplishments and inner-related events of ((:~+>>> (12.21.12) <<<+:~))


Thee Prophecy Wavespell Scores BIG !

Where to begin as the revelations are streaming-in, stacking us daily with headline news. How about the big anticipation leading up to the 2013/13:20 solar pole shift ! More so, is that which seals the event at the tail end of December on Rhythmic 17, Kin 60, consequently the signature seal of Pacal Votan or "Yellow Galactic Sun." Once again the Dreamspell Chilla or "New Time Count" proves legit - watch for the effects ! 

A BIG Bipolar Flip of Power from 12<13

Looking back at one of the most significant aspect's of "the shift" which proceeded "the flip," was the transfer of power and influence representing the western hemisphere of social political interests through Pope Benedict XVI.

The southern hemisphere would be represented as Pope Francis I. On February 28th 2012, coded in the Dreamspell as "Electric Warrior," a reference to solar intelligence - Kin 16 (root of the cube) the Vatican actually "flipped the switch" and relinquished authority through a most fascinating transfer of papal authority ! It would be the first time in almost 600 years when something like this had occurred. Know that it was a well orchestrated & meticulously planned economic gesture, securing the political interest's of the $12:60 in the southern hemisphere. 

Check out these numbers as the "transfer" was made in 12 days when Pope Francis I  (GS Planetary Knight, Kin 23) would receive the world wand of religious power on March 12th "Lunar Star" or Kin 28. The last pope to resign in this manner was Pope Gregory the XII back in 1415 - say +1 to the power of twelve and what you have is the conscious activation/act of  "regenerative dynamic intent." Representing the +1 ideal, Thee Papal Jester Messiah complex has apparently adotped "telecosmic" intent to control the shift of global power through the southern flavored 13:20 natural-time channel. 

Just what do you think the implications are of such a gesture ? Doesn't it convey a most significant shift in values to the south ? Why now ?  What's really going on with all of this? Who can say ?

Check out these correlate dates as this was a most formal and pompous act orchestrated by the elite, who always choose the most erroneous dates by which to foretell the future. The dominant interest's who's authority of 12 (by means of the twelve month calendar) has  upsurped our understanding of natural law - 13 Moons of 28 days +1  are apparently still "out to lunch."

Thee Vatican is well aware of what "we the people" have orchestrated in terms of the "new economy of affairs," as the church along with the global banking system & thee police state are poised and well funded to protect capitalism at any cost. Along with the "gloss-over," ranks of elected officials apparently plan to convert our garden cultured economic future to suite their best interest's.

(Tricky dick logo here)

The quintessential authority given by the people of the Earth to our representative lawmakers, and judges is fundamentally obstructed and flawed by an artificial standard of measure. The result is a gross distortion of reality and a most biased prejudice of misguided perception and profitable ignorance. According to the Discovery of the Law of Time, the $12:60 "time warp" leaves us ship wrecked, "out of time, killing time and wasting time." What's even worse are the intangible ramifications; over inflated values mired by smear campaigns and unbridled fraud - unprecedant evil reigns supreme.  

For over a decade the Vatican world bank (Gregorian institution of time) has been notified by representatives of the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, of the urgent necessity to return humanity to sanity by means of the natural law of time. Since they won't do it, we will. 

The Cure 2012 - 2013

For the first time in 17 years, Sire Robert Smith took his band The Cure on a major world tour through South America and Mexico for much of 2012. Robert and crew stoked the masses and continue to do so along very specific song-lines, with a most keen eye for trends related to "The Shift." Should you listen closely, the band shares an accute & keen sensibility for the genetic/prophetic VV widsom streams influencing world events today.

Closing the Great Cycle

The Cure would also perform for the first time in Hawaii on July 30 2013, Crystal Star, Kin 168 supporting Reverend Roger Christie &  Thee PAN THC Ministry on the island of Oahu in Honolulu Hawaii. This happened to be a highly psycho-synchronized campaign to draw attention on behalf of Roger to highlight the date of his arraignment; consequently his first pre-trial appearence in court (July 29th & July 30th) since his arrest in 2010 !  

Check the fruits of this action for yourself, as Kin 67 was on the scene in Hawaii four months prior with the intent to free Thee Christies. Only a PAN networking fool could think of achieving such, yet the seeds planted in 2012 and the momentum thereof gave rise to a most tangible victory both in Hawaii zen Uruguay, as the first Latin Amorikan country in the world would legalize Cannabis on Red Lunar Dragon, Kin 41, December 10th, 2013 - GO URuguay !

Now free Roger Christie, Mark Emery and the rest of the world from the tyranny of the global war on drugs & the ensuing totalitarian military police state of affairs !

>> Thee New Deal >>>

Meet Jose' Alberto  Mujica, born May 20, 1935, Kin 227, Rhythmic Hand & President of the great nation state of URuguay. Jose', ever the beat-nicker, drives a volkswagon and lives on peanuts. Economist's speculate that South America and Mexico are poised for success and are soon to be on top of the global economy within the next five years ! A complete flip of the switch is at hand.

Those familiar with the Telektonon "ology" know about the origins of UR as the cradle of civilization. The "Universal Religion" or "UNIVERSAL RECOLLECTION" has finally returned and we are now officialy on the map and poised to over-haul the status quo !

In retrospect of our effort(s) over the years, however it can be difficult to quantify just how working as a volunteer can actually PAN into greenbacks. Since it has yet to do so, perhaps it's time to score the lore and raise some hell as folks today across all sectors of the economy are being asked to volunteeer "for thee country" or "help the planet and save the world;" campaigns which compete for your attention. The elite would have you choose from among dozens of issues and worthy causes, wrapped up in big problems and pretty bow solutions or "a vision" perhaps.

The White House apparently expect's us to be content with coffee and cookies, as most all of these campaigns offer unpaid "opportunities" and titles related to accomplishing "the great mission." You can hear them now, "just let go and let god," or "it's in gods hands" along with mandates to "simply dissolve your ego" & life-style. 

We know our show and tell so well, that it's high-time to stake a claim and push on through; our work's hold water and will usher in “Thee New Time” as foretold. “A New Years Deal” is brewing as we size up today’s humanity, or lack of it.

Bah' Humbug - charlatans steal the show

We are the R.E.A.L. Daykeepers you see; some say "chew on the bitter root" for a better version of Prophecy - 2012. The anticipation to the winter solstice conclusion of the “Great Cycle” was orchestrated by the same mis-guided social interests that remain at the helm of the TimeShip today, a most pathetic display... they have been properly notified.

Considering the enormous amount of creativity, speculation and hype invested into promoting and sharing the most anticipated date of All-Time - The Mayan Factor was somehow obscured, smeared & perhaps "high-jacked."

Despite a most fantastic weaving of ideas, relationships, wisdom and wit's delivered by various sources from across the meta physical spectrum, none could match the precision & ingenius concept delivery & effort delivered by Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles.

For over twenty years they charmed global audiences world wide, seeding the prospects for a First World Peace and securing the objectives of the calendar change. They travelled extensively throughout the U.S. delivering the Harmonic Convergence "script" along with the Prophecy of Pacal Votan. From the League of Nations to kin all around the world, everyone was "called" to the sanity of natural time. Tirelessly sharing the good news related to the closing of the "Great Cycle," Jose' and Lloydine primed the world for Galactic Culture with the image of a burning man.  They arrived in Portland Oregon in 96'-97' planting stars & weaving 13 baktuns of history with the 13 Moon Dreamspell Calendar game called the "Overtone Seed Year of Prophecy." New social forms evolved along song lines where "time is art."

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Arts 2003-2013

9+1 Days of "Time Based Art" - Solar AlterNative 9.11

Entertaining us by means of dynamic oral dialogue, art visual display's, dynamic stories and big knowledge, resource materials and "real-time tools" we're usually in abundant supply and given away freely. Sharing a prophetic lineage and the wisdom stream(s) of the Galactic Legacy of Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik or "dynamic duo," all manner of people from diverse backgrounds would show for Jose' and Lloydines 13 moon "rap."  

To this day the depth within the Mystery of the Stone and the winter solstice of 2012, remain an enigma to most folks. Perhaps it's best that it should remain as such; a great occult classic... until further notice.

However the Long Count 420 stash is ripe and seems to be the hot topic of discussion for "growers" today. How does it relate to the 2012 code key, Kin 207 "Calahoun Manik?" In the Dreamspell Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, this is the target date of maximum synchronicity related to the "closing date of the Great Cycle." Rhythmic Moon 6.9 reads as follows: “I Co-operate in order to Know.”  Simple right? Humans missed it by a mile.

The “signal” family of December 21st, 2012  (Telektonon 692)  2013<13:20 was apparently nowhere to be found. Hohoho as the monarch responsible for orchestrating the dog and pony show decided to take a rain check.

So it looks as though someone will have to take it from here (again). "Thee New Deal" is true in the sense that it incorporates real-time objectives within a highly focused sphere of activities to manifest your Base Crest, sooner rather than later. It start's with your free-will represention of whatever brings YOU happiness today. Hopefully that comes with a form of economy which support's your personal development practice, without selling your soul or pushing products. Likely thee slave until further notice.

Campaigns, politics, vision, activities, special event's... what have you, craft it! What more do we need? How about restoring the objectives of the World 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement and a deeper sense of fun.  Throw down resources if you have them and forward those heads offering R.E.A.L.-Time perspective's. Keep this boat afloat, it's your ark! 

Yes we're still striving towards the best prospects for peace in this whrl and practical "players" seem few and far between. If your amongst the hip creator folk with opportunities and a life-style to be proud of, consider yourself enlightened. That's what we're going for & that's what we want.

However, we still seem to be obstructed by unseen forces. If it's not the monastic lunatics, or a short fuse in the management switch board of affairs, then rest assured Uncle Sam and the cyborgs have got you stacked with conspiracy theories, bills, child support or prism-prison- programs which threaten your sanity. Neurosis & thee $12:60 economy of short-lived affairs, ah' the great reward... don't we have it made!?

So while ya'll are busy vacating your corporate persona and traveling in the halls & alley- way's of the occult past, or in this case hype dreams & "artsy fartsy," we have actually been active and successful establishing a new way of life.

A definitve "natural time" 13:20 influence has been virtually seeded & assimilated in nearly every creative social form on the planet. For a down to earth comprehensive approach to the high-life beyond corporate interest's, check out our references, "think a link" and consider dispatching a local-laborer pronto; we service the entire Pacific Rim of Fire!

The stage is set, the score is still rigged however and some hands are tied. We are still pulling teeth to convert knowledge into utility & monetary value; our personal practice/discipline into an economy of dollars and sense - beauty and the brute.

Take note of the details & you will more than likely be drawn into the conclusion that our measure and quality of life are worth catching. PAN Portlandia' has become a social force to be reckoned. The impact of our efforts gauge the quality of our activities over the last thirteen years.  We've done some amazing things, your all bound to win & it's time to pay the piper.

The Galactic Olympic 13:20 Beam

The event stash leading up to the 260th final katun of the 21st century is still unfolding, yet much will remain buried underground or perhaps found in dark recesses of the collective unconscious - so flesh it! Note how folks today seem to prefer operating undercover, from across the board through fictious character play, rather than in the first person aye? 

How do things appear to be shaping up in the glass house?  Laying low in order to bank a pretty penny or skirting the war economy to survive? Am with ya'. Borrowing resources & the merit's of others? Sign here. Pushing a view? Masking the future by disregard for the past? O.k. so I digress, get it?

Over the course of the last 26 years an imaginary theme park was woven into the winter solstice of 2012. This date essentially serves as an anchor point by which to present a new earth based science & cosmic cosmology. Introduced in 1987 as the “Harmonic Convergence,”  a most incredible orchestration of human effort ensued. By means of a shoe string budget & often without any formal business structure, the Planet Art Network - 2012 concept stormed the entire Earth with creativity.

The minority pulling the weight of the majority however, get's old fast & zen folks go underground.

Thee Foundation for the Law of Time which claims responsibility for the exclusive authority to represent such, has always been well funded for the role of disseminating the work(s) of the late Dr. Jose’ Arguelles. Not as much so for production cost's, special events, big media, field work, research or outreach education. Did the FLT close its doors as the sign read's "out of business.”  

By the way, where do your donations or re-imbursement right off's go to% & whom do they truly belong? Banking those royalties and hoarding the copyrights? Or perhaps tired & retired yet ever the fictitious avatar, perhaps even thee slave driver? 

The Dreamspell Oracle of Destiny, page 20

“By loyalty to the law of the kin, no planetary kin can decline the least invitation to adventure posed by another planetary kin. Any adventure so undertaken must be carried through to the end. All adventures must be recounted at the court of the Kin!”

The Mayan Factor or Harmonic Convergence of 2012 was essentially derailed by short-fused interest’s, which are likely embodied by the same false planetary authority being claimed by the Christian corporate establishment serving your persona today.

The FLT apparently fictions and functions just like any other incorporated division of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and yes the loo-peas still rule the day. It's twisted this fate, but wait, as there's more to the storyline to boot!

Duping is the for the devil

A good example takes us back to President Obama’s re-election campaign in Portland Oregon, during the summer of 2010. His visit to our port was followed by an entourage of at least one-half dozen distinct recreational vehicles with California license plates. Staffed by a team of zealous “way fairies,” the side of the RV's we're painted with big bold symbols; a  crossed-out reference to the year "2012" in a red circle marked the time as if to suggest that our solstice synchronization date would be canceled, or even worse “re-scheduled!”

This was a most pompous and unusual display of resources. Upon investigation into the purpose of their campaign, Kin 67 observed and witnessed a certain air of confusion as he interviewed a number of the people on board. To get a glimpse of what they we’re actually promoting, he shifted into high gear and began "reelin' in the years."   There was not a single rider who could outline the objectives of their tour; rather he was given a pamphlet which was apparently written by a Christian priest promoting the spring equinox of 2011 as the “return of Christ.”

Within this pamphlet was a time-line of numerological associations. What could be considered as "meta-jargon" or lofty terms which were oddly and somewhat similar to what we, the practitioners of the 13 Moon Calendar try to relay as the “science of synchronicity,” or "synchronometrics." Similar terms were defined in the Dynamics of Time and Consciousness  written and produced by Dr. Jose' Arguelles.

This was essentially a smear campaign to obscure the creative momentum of Portland's Planet Art Network, which went viral in 1999-2000 from what has now been coined as the "Port of Portlandia'."

Recently acknowledged and “awarded” by Money Magazine and the Oregonian; Portland Oregon is apparently the most “livable city,” within the dominant nation states of $12:60 misguided interests today.

O.K. so we are still in the year 2010 mind you, and Governor Kitzhaber along with President Obama are entertaining the masses at the Convention Center. Oregon's (M74) Voter Empowered campaign petitioners are storming the event & busy gathering signatures along MLK Avenue, outside of the Convention Center.

Along with California’s (campaign prop 19) we proved & disapproved a myriad of opinion's while fleshing out the issues; ever proceeding to hash out the priorities, while producing the most significant political influence of our time. Campaign front's such as these are beastly think tanks resulting in ideas found only in the coal mines of crooked economy. "Thee Decriminalization of the Nation Campaign," is one of these which signals and establishes an official end to Nixon’s Drug War, to be re-scheduled!

Guess again, as we really do have all the answers! Here's your own personel roundtable invitation along with a stack of resolute alternatives & well-thought strategies to off-set the damage done over the years, by the same capitalistic jokers who pull your strings today.

A global buzz ensued as constituent citizens pushed 4.5 million votes for hemp cannabis in 2010. Through the eye of a needle, we established hemp cannabis culture as the next social force to challenge the trigger happy status quo.

An Official & Definitive End to the Drug War

The root of all wars being waged on the planet today is funded principly by the so called "war on drugs."

The most significant and tangible achievement in 2010, having direct impact on 2012 nearly two years later, would be sealed by a significant victory in Salt Lake City Utah on behalf of all people everywhere, but particularly for Thee Keen THC PAN Native Amorikan Church.

The Oklevueha "Earth Walks" Native American Church Inc.

That's right you heard it here first; James "Flaming Eagle Mooney" scored a significant victory for us all on June 25th, 2010 - Kin 78. Dr. Anthony James faced eleven count's (count them) 11 felony charges filed by Utah state for plant useage.   

He not only won the law suite but incorporated His NAC Chapter thereafter on June 27th, 2012, Kin 30, White Self-Existing :Dog. James Moony became Chief Executive Officer for The Oklevueha "Earth Walks" Native American Church Incorporated.


Asserting His First Amendment Rights along with Planetary Partner in tow, James called upon Thee Freedom of Religious Act restored on Kin 145, Red Lunar Serpent or the 11th day in August of 1978.

"We the people” have essentially secured our right to return home and make an honest living again. This represent's the most significant Judgment to impact our way of life ! All we need now is time !

We are practitioners of the craeft, coming with life force keys & insight... uplifting every Age by means of River~Hour Currency and proper cultivation techniques. Professional yet deviant world bridgers. Administrating organic alternatives for health, healing, pain management and inspiration. An honest economy of affairs unfolds where-ever "time is art."

Rooted in sustainability awareness, meditation, primitive skills & holistic methods; illuminaughty eco-team's. Plant Doctors & City Repair project's await you diva's. Medicine traditions & garden culture are flourishing in over twenty one states through means of a Green Economy of cultured interests & we are geared to deliver an entirely new quality of life for those interested, no shit.

Grow like mad - a Professional Association of Care Providers within a "compassionate care network" is rising. "Inquire within" is the idea... if it seems as though we have nearly accomplished the impossible, it's because we have !

Tobacco, Peyote, Kanabous and all manner of distilled spirits are now being incorporated as sacraments within a fresh social context... people of all nations despite creed, color, belief, ethnicity or social status are rising to the occasion.

Within the scope of these achievements however, investigation into the Cosmic History Chronicles will compel us to know that when it comes to psychoactive substances, “less is more.”


The NAC case in Utah would create big waves with a ripple effect in Washington DC however. The likely result was the Kingpin arrest of Reverend Roger Christie and the THC Ministry on the Big Island of Hawaii (which receives more military funding than any other state in the union). 

Having established the first ministry rooted in Kanabous consciousness, Roger sourced a deep well spring of understanding and built a ministry from Coptic Cannabis traditions through a keen interest in the Essene teaching's of Christ. Reverend Christie and crew represent an annointed and legitimate approach to Kanabous ConScience as a holy sacrament. These folks serve as core generators for “Thee First World Peace.”

By means of e-mail, facebook and social networking, Roger along with Reverend Paul von Hartman are still ministering on our behalf today. Communication through Roger's wife Share imparts some very deep perspectives worthy of your time. Paul is busy formulating and planning for the release of His flagship view, to be coupled with the release of His new book documenting the necessity behind "essential demand," & the legislative historical details relating to hemp cannabis and the benefits to be had for the biosphere. I feel compelled to at least pay them my attention, as what they are brewing is quite potent and of the most high.

These cats are the Genuine Noospheric Achievers of Timeship Earth; Roger's ultimate sacrifice is serving time.  Mr. Christie has served over three years behind bars, has been branded as a “danger” to the state of Hawaii and somehow represent's a threat to life in the U.S., where a most fragile state of affairs is trying to delay the inevitable decentralization of financial power.

Think about it, if we could put the brakes on the Drug War, could we not also restore the biosphere & eventualy recover the missing moon by means of hemp cannabis, holistic crafts and a compassionate care network? Nuff said, I'm looking deeper & the sun has risen, Kin 64 is at the door; Kan you find the m-Scale connection to the kaleidoscope of Natural Time ? What's up with the >:Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Unified Field Theory anyhow ?


Cannabis cure's cancer & threatens THE CHRISTIAN CORPORATE 12:60 ESTABLISHMENT@ LARGE! Roger has been denied a fair trial or bail & his visitation's are restricted. He even watched patiently as his mother passed into the underworld & remains behind bars to this day, as a result of his religous beliefs. An appeal will hopefully be heard on his behalf in San Francisco come February of this year. 

Recap to the events which preceeded 2012

The FBI along with FEMA double agents staged a plot to convince the city of Portland that our lives were in danger back in December of 2010, winter solstice.   Coercing the citizens of Oregon into the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the FBI staged a bomb plot at Portland Pioneer Square along with a bogus media campaign to warn the general public & “beware of the Sovereign Citizens Movement.” A shady associative effort was simultaneously made to also profile Islamic students suspected of terrorist activity. Thereafter and for the next two years, a string of related campaigns, movies, and holy-roller dialogue was funded to preach “fire and brimstone" along with "end of the world scenarios,” pushing for the whole sale destruction of our planet. According to the Hollywood channel, the Mayan Winter Solstice date was “the end of the calendar.” A perfect time to usher in a prophetic revelation or two & perhaps coerce you all to reflect upon the pathetic conclusion of “Thee Great Cycle.”

The Dynamic’s of Time and Consciousness - 2014

“Where consciousness expands, weightlessness increases.”

Aside from entertaining our fancy and the fetish “th-need” for such, 2012 would close with a bang. Yet for as much time, energy and effort that went into the articulation & speculation of December 21st 2012, there was little to be seen in terms of any organized approached or collective effort to actually commemorate the event. The fantasy New Age fervor would reveal its face once again through out sacred sites located in Mexico (Palenque, Chichen-Itza, Teotihuacan, Caba, etc.)

Kin 53, a newborn skywalker having arrived in Mexico on Kin 198, White Electric Mirror 2012 as a newcomer to the movement, found herself surrendering expectations of what she would actually experience.  Within a series of moments, she realized what was actually happening would also be obscured by a torrential down pour of rain. “Trying to understand and figure out the dynamics between folks, it was as though everyone was busy keeping a low profile.” She was hoping to experience some kind of super-mental trip or sense for creative action.

However, even the most microcosmic activities seemed challenging or aloof. “It was as if we we’re thrown for a loop and teleported to a spectral kind of bewilderment. In other words, there was a void lack of leadership in-kind."



From the Dreamspell Oracle of Destiny, page 13

Cast & Plot

Humans: time travelers lost on third-dimensional colony.

Earth: third-dimensional anchor of Timeship.

Target of original mission: galactic synchronization 2013.

Cause of planetary blow-outs: memory virus affecting third dimensional space suits.

Result of virus: genetic flaw in space suits causing amnesia of third-fourth dimensional connect and of sensory/environmental hook-up.

Kin 53 - "What proceeded was chaotic, disorganized and follwed by a random whim of events along with a rain storm, there was little sense for collective activity and nothing solid in terms of "The Movement." "As a newcomer I sat aside and felt excluded from what seemed to be a series of important opportunities. So what to expect after something like that? Are we in ?  Are we out ?  Who’s to say ?" 

"Is this still the galactic mission I signed up for ?  Falsehood, half-wits & muddle puddles ? Nevertheless there were incredible Kinship offering’s and those with open minds ready to ride the next beam."

Kin 53

Entertainment over Commemoration ?

One year after the fact, it would all seem as a pipe dream. For such a highly promoted event to come and go, it's too bad they didn't take their hyped out effort's along with it. Could there have been some further element of cooperation or organization to have drawn attention, by which to organize some creative interest ? Perhaps some form of significant collective commemoration to mirror the aesthetic nature of the count? Did shadow forces cause you too die & never return ? Could this experience empower us to know more about how to keep a Movement moving ? Will our frustration with such provide the fuel to over-come our social dysfunction(s) ?

Deeper, we must needs dive deeper into our knowledge base and more importantly, the gap between reality and our ideals; Being honest about the outcome. In times of despair, feeling through the unknown and in time arriving at complete emptiness; wandering and wondering if all of this was real or just another New Age Movement.


Another PSI>onic Day out of Time

Making ends meet through the hoopla’ of cosmic history brings us to the Day out of Time, which occurred at Mt. Shasta California in the summer of 2013, Gregorian July 25th.  The hype-dream of seven “Mystic Moons” and the compression values of our 7:7::7:7 practice preceded events to follow on New Year’s Day,  Magnetic Moon + One Dali. Scoring the beginning of baktun 14, katun of the  red magnetic sun-dragon,  we witnessed once again the “star planting” phenomena related to the work(s) of Valum Votan and the PAN Coalition for Native Nations.

What would follow was nothing shy of spectacular! By enlarge, the entire day was overcast and clouded with spots of sunshine and distant “booms” of thunder, which increased our awareness of what appeared to be and approaching storm. 

By afternoon (3rd Watch) there was a loud sonic explosion which rang throughout Mt. Shasta, disrupting power all throughout town. 

Rinri recollections... sending and receiving

A Magnet of Be-ness

Shortly thereafter a number of folks would witness the ejection of rainbow plasma that would fill the sky with a very dense horseshoe of light. Unlike any rainbow I've ever seen, there were even two extra ultraviolet bands and some crazy violet light within them. The interior of the arc was filled with spectacular bolts of lightning and what appeared to be a gate of sort’s. Meanwhile, the western sunset was lined with bubbles or "mammogram clouds" and the sky filled with a soft peach like aura.

It would be the following day when we would discover that a great portion of southern Oregon and parts of northern California were actually on fire! Afterwards we arrived in Ashland and witnessed a very dense urban environment, literally smoked out by what was reported to be close to 400 fires burning in close proximity to town. At one point a third of the populous  we’re wearing filter masks and encouraged by officials to stay indoors. 

We however, along with the Hunab Crew, we’re invited to the Shasta sundance where another chapter awaits your best interest.

Target dates are soon to be announced for this years Native Nations Adventure Travel Tour - spring forth and decolonize your mind ! Plant this vision throughout the Columbia River Basin and beyond... overgrow false authority & raise the banner of peace !

Written by Jason G. Gibson

OMA’ P.A.N. Agent 67

D.O.B. 4.20.69

Aka Bud Justice, Justin~Time, Jack Flash, Bud Stryder and so on...

"Thee Black Knight" >>> A Rider >>> Club 39


Contributing input by Juanita Perdomo; another new age seeker of Great Spirit.

^^ photographs, research, graphics & bilingual inspiration

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