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Solar Moon, Alpha 12  

Red Resonant Moon, Kin 189

"Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned, the last fish has been caught, will we realize that we can’t eat money." — Cree Indians

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  • Noosphere 2012 – It's our Future at hand; Autonomy Economy & Creative Social Reform,  it's completly within our reach!
  • Exposing biospheric terrorism and it's relation to the $12:60.
  • Political Revolution Solution’s to a Planetary Moral Emergency! The break we need from corporate capitalistic institutionalized schools of thought today.

There is so much repressed psychic and creative energy in the human species just waiting to be released from the deadening 9-5 “time is money” Monday through Friday world of inequality.  The current unraveling of the economic system and the arising of the Occupy Movement is a symbol of an internal revolution made manifest.

The collective voice is rising up in peaceful resistance to the 12:60 “time is money” machine civilization that makes us pay to be born, pay to live and pay to die.

In 1989, Dr’s.  Jose' and Lloydine Argüelles made a startling discovery! After 40 years of research investigations into indigenous cultures throughout the world, a voice from the ancient/future earth would surface from the depths of  Mysterious Genius into human domain, a new song  “Telektonon.”

Essentially, our outdated “civilizational advanced” paradigm is designed and based on living in an artificial timing frequency that is totally disobedient to the laws of nature.  Along with the archaic conceptions of time, the decimal based infrastructure of banking and economy like “future” conditions, programs the root belief of the entire human species,  through means of a mental program or “spell” that influences all people to an  inhumane philosophy that “time is money.”


Ask anyone today, “what is your number one complaint,” almost instantly the feedback is, “I don’t have enough time and will never have enough money.” It is a known fact that most marriages and relationships today go sour over issues related to time and money!


Everything is now being thrown into a bubbling cauldron of transformation and stirred vigorously. Things are sure to get stranger in 2012 as we continue to unravel our collective karma back to Source.


Those who are struggling, take heart; do your best to occupy your mind with spiritual abundance. The test is to keep generating positive energy and gratitude even when the third dimension appears dire. Everything is shifting and a mysterious plan is moving us all.
The old civilization is crumbling, a new system is in place—but has yet to fully manifest, at  least not in the third dimension. We are witnessing two completely opposite mindsets clashing.


Babylon III and the Great Technosphere of History is morphing into a Garden Cultured Economic Alternative Reality, challenging the dominate culture to change and grow at God~Speed.


On the surface level these two mindsets appear too who hold the corporate interest (who are reaching record levels of profits) and those in the majority, known as the 99 percent, who are reaching record heights of poverty and unemployment.

For example, the U.S. 2012 presidential election is set to exceed 1 billion dollars for each candidate, while the U.S. also shells out 2 billion dollars a week for foreign wars! Think how many people worldwide could be housed and fed with this money!

According to the Law of Time, we are at the climax of history and materialism resulting from a crisis of consciousness and spirit. “Education” today serves as the savior of western ideology;  antiquated and hopelessly churning out disparate “hopefuls” misled by the corporate capitalistic mindset which refuses to address the illusion of the Age. 


A social political gloss over in the form of a “recovering economy,” forces graduates into more debt, despair and poor health related to unfulfilled goals, dreams and mislead aspirations. 

In its present condition, humanity is totally disobedient to the natural laws of economy by which the rest of the biosphere functions. The economics of crime practiced and enforced by the dominate human technosapien species, is the exact opposite of the economics of the biosphere: how to make the least out of the most and produce a maximum amount of waste.


While the U.S. executive office continues to reinforce bills like the Patriot Act with the National Defense Addendum! Our fascist representatives and the judicial system sworn to uphold our Constitutional Rights appear quite complacent with “business as usual.”


With the prospects of a terrorist attack and the motives of Nixon's drug war, the U.S. government has created a lucrative criminal environment rooted in fear and scarcity. The business of socially engineering poverty has now been coined as “policing for profit,” and serves only to suspend the complete meltdown of an illusory economy of biased interest's.


The sheeple wait and watch, are kept in fear as the police state escalates it’s campaign & braces the public for domestic terrorism under the auspice of “emergency preparation.” It is futile to try and “fight the system,” as that only dissipates our energy for the positive creation of the new, while draining our pocket books. In fighting for basic human rights the common man is outspent 10 to 1 by means of court fees, legal counsel, fines, and child support.

It seems that the only solution for changing this hyper-competitive world of materialism,  is a collective turn inward, back to Source & the remembrance that another path has already been prepared. A path beyond technology…

The corporate interest thinks that people who are unemployed want more jobs.  But people want more than just jobs; they want an entire paradigm shift, an uplifting way of life rooted in something real!We want to express something unique, professional, and artistic. In tune with the time, we are migrating to an organic home based life style, alternative currency, barter, trade and fair exchange.

According to the Law of Time the entire “time is money” paradigm/scheme is held together by the Gregorian calendar and mechanical clock, which creates the artificial 12:60 timing frequency, a mental artificial gloss of sorts. “If time is of the mind as air is of the body, and the mind is conditioned through an irregular and mechanized standard of measure, then so becomes the mind.” – Dr. Jose Argüelles. This is the world of randomness, irregularity, ambiguity, illusion, scarcity and fear. This is the world of artificial time!

Artificial means “formed in imitation of something natural.” So our present civilization is like a simulated artifice of the natural world as we move through artificial environments with artificial lights, wearing artificial fabrics and eating artificial food. All the while, through senses dulled and conditioned by a fictitious sense of time, people wonder aimlessly through a maze of activities, related only through a language of commerce.


A sense of frustration, ambiguity and direction challenge our purpose in life. Each and every one of us wants to enjoy the present moment, to live a better life, but how?


Living in an artificial timing frequency has become second nature and is deeply engrained in every capitalistic social form’s of our democracy, called “modern civilization.” Ye' ol' (Gregorian) calendar and ye ol’ 60 minute hour controlled by it, are dominated by scarcity economics. Why? Because the 12:60 economy is a profit-based global economy of Imperialism!

As Jose' Arguelles explains in the Mayan Factor,  “it is the value emphasis to make a profit that is the lowest common moral and spiritual denominator of the old time.” Today as it was in yester-year, "it" (the Beast) profits at the expense of our human nature. The 12:60 marketing mind of corporate interests, subjects and obscures indigenous wisdom & insight with a carnival of choices.  Prophetic traditions & religion are compromised and replaced by means of pop fads, thrift store jungles, shopping sprees, short-sided ads, slogans & tag lines which “brand” market driven capitalistic ideals into the minds of the hysteric masses.

As a result, the society of the old time is controlled by a cartel of bankers,  business thugs and camouflaged paramilitary undercover hit men, who have driven the profit motive to the top of the upside down scale of values. Neo-liberal free market economics is the end time name of the final form of this value belief system "for profit."

What is behind the profit motive? Usury and greed, rationalized by the philosophers of the eighteenth century as “enlightened self-interest.” However, enlightened self-interest has little in common with self-enlightenment.

Jose' goes on… “that greed and usury could become so institutionalized as to dominate the belief system of an entire species to its moral detriment and its environments expense, is due to the imposition of an irregular and artificial measure of time encoded as the anachronistic Gregorian calendar.” Fortified by the equally artificial but ruthlessly accurate (by its own terms) mechanical clock, the Gregorian calendar spawned the perniciously fast-lane dogma, “time is money.”

Since everything in history is a replay of an earlier event point, what is now occurring can be likened to the story of Jesus driving the moneylenders from the temple. Incidentally this verse occurs in Matthew 21.12 (of course 21.12 is also 12.21 and likened to the auspicious date 12.21.12.) now coined by Hollywood as the “Christian Mayan Apocolypso.”


“Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.” Then he said: “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but you have made it a den of thieves.” The Quran makes a similar statement and speaks out about usury in several suras: “The usury that is practiced to increase some people’s wealth, does not gain anything at God. But if you give to charity, seeking God’s pleasure, these are the ones who receive their reward manifold” (30:39).


So what is true economics? True economics is how to make best use of the least to make the most with an absolute minimum waste. There is no waste in nature. The biosphere, which is our natural economic order, is in a continuous process of recycling itself. –José Argüelles,  Time and Morality.


Arguelles envisioned a collective return to living in natural cycles based in a galactic culture; a world where everyone’s basic needs are met and time is free to live in synchronic harmony. This new galactic paradigm is based on beauty, truth and equality and is held in place by a harmonic timing standard.


In the new time calendar, four weeks of 28 days is one moon and there are thirteen not twelve moons per year. There are no crooked irregular proportions in the divine measure of time and nature. Nor is there any usury, taxation, money lending, or even money as it is presently used and understood in the time of the 13 Moons.           


In order to gain a higher vantage point of this planetary unfoldment, we can lift our mind above the chaos and “occupy the noosphere” (the unified mind sheathe of the Planet).What does this mean?


To occupy the noosphere, we must make consistent effort to lift up our minds and dwell in increasingly higher levels of consciousness on behalf of the healing of our planet and upliftment of all beings and not just human beings!


We can utilize our minds to view the whole earth and all the events happening as a single thought-form, and to realize collectively that there is a Higher Intelligence coordinating all of these seemingly fragmented parts. What appears as chaos and confusion on earth is actually part of an orderly cosmic plan.


The fact is there are so many things happening simultaneously that it is challenging to keep it all sorted in our mind. But if we view all happenings on earth as the unfoldment of One Galactic Being quickly shaking off human karma and becoming conscious of itself as a divine unity, then it is a bit easier to grasp.


In Manifesto for the Noosphere,  Arguelles likens this planetary transformation to when water changes its state at a precise temperature from liquid to gas (represented by 12-21-2012). This is the analogy He used to call for the collective shift in consciousness referred to as the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, that we are now undergoing—the entry into the noosphere.

When we extend our awareness and shift our consciousness to encompass the full meaning of this evolutionary shift, we can begin to retrain ourselves—refocus our psychic energies and redirect our practical actions—to come into alignment with noospheric civilizational awareness, a holistic and holonomic planetary culture will of necessity be unlike anything the human species has known.


Politics and social science today resembles a re-run sitcom of intra-related “ism’s” which can only overlay the collective state of human disorder with more definitions, contradictory terms, arguments and growing pains. We use the term “growing pains,” because the evolution of our species through the lens of today’s circumstances often leaves us with a sense of despair and angst when trying to seize the time for collective action!


In order to seize the time we must size the time with a collective will towards a resolution that will bring balance back into today’s world. We need active working solutions, activities, projects and special events along with education to work in tandem with leadership today. The hierarchy of social affairs will be “self-regulated” through Telepathic Technologies of a Supra-Mental nature, we will communicate and co-operate like 21st Century Adults, openly, honestly and without fear.


In order to calibrate memory and build reference points & rapport, our measure of the historic cycle serves as utility to appreciate the past, value the present and understand the vast contents of our future potential here on earth. We need new knowledge and the tools offered through the Foundation for the Law of Time.


Through the lens of 13:20 Time Science and the holographic discovery of the Tzolkin or Harmonic Module, we will learn to open up to the idea of Time Travel. To appreciate the perfection and contents of the historic cycle, we become attuned through the Dynamics of Time and Consciousness, developing a sense for that which is far reaching and yet to be seen. The process of inner journey exploration has only just begun!

This Supra~Mental Envelope of Awareness has been defined as the Science of Synchronicity and will eventually replace the mechanics of time and space as we know it. “You may say that I’m a dreamer but we’re not the only ones.” – John Lennon.


“The Discovery of the Law of Time represents new knowledge making conscious what has been unconscious wherever it is applied." – Dr. Jose Argüelles. Highly complex, yet as simple as flowing water the formula which encapsulates this entire body of new knowledge is T(E)=ART or “time is art.”


(T)ime represents “natural time” or the 13:20 crystalline frequency represented as “Earth Time.” (E)nergy is and will always be what the native folk refer to as “The Great Mystery,” or the “Holy Spirit.” It’s a principle of light heat or life force which flows through everything and everyone on Earth, supplied generously and without reservation by our local star.


Of course our local star receives impulses, is influenced by other neighboring stars like Alcyone the North Star. The Mayan Factor suggests that the Earth is passing through a Galactic Synchronization Beam which has been accelerating the evolution of the Earth and represents a particular “wave form” characteristic of solar consciousness.


The question as to “what is consciousness,” is presented when approximating the principle related to “God” or in this case the “Galactic Ordering Dynamic,” and serves as a nexus point for the articulation of mind through interrelated spokes of interest. Coined as the radial matrix, these vector points consist of any number of inner-related associations referenced through the Harmonic Index, serving as a memory battery through which we can access multiple streams of consciousness, wisdom streams, galactic beams and pulsar codes.


We use the reference to “inner-related” associations because the quality of consciousness accessing any given phenomena or form is based upon the self-reflective intelligence of the viewer. In order to accurately perceive the multiple levels of the Synchronic Order, “time vector potentials” must be understood within a whole body realization and processed through the bio-psychic circuitry of the Human Holon, best described as "sense-abilities."


If the senses or the central channel of perception referred to by the Yogis as the “sushumma” or “mystical column” is not clear, then the sensory impulses will likely result in a cross-wire of static perceptions. In the case of most common folk today, the effect of this process amplifies the neurosis of the 12:60 species resulting in sickness, confusion, disorientation and a slew of strangeness or anger seen throughout the world today as a prevailing sense of violence, war and social out-rage.

In nature the magnetic principles demonstrated by rainbows and solar flares can re-inspire science as it does through the Rinri Project, which essentially utilizes yogic athletic principles within highly mental aesthetic structures to encourage and inspire telepathic forms of communication. Personal Development becomes a social attribute and equates into a universal common economy of affairs, where abundance and sustainable living guide the collective to claim, attain, maintain, proclaim and become the "Great Order" or the Galactic Cultured Future.

The exodus into Natural Time Awareness is a personal commitment to personally volunteer for new projects and experiments into the paradigm shift where “time is art.” This mantra will meditate itself and equate into energy of economy, abundance and balanced self-interest’s. In order to practice, refine and mature the new paradigm, humans need time to re-organize for change. Contemplate your transformation(s) and chart the Human Biomass Constant through Health, Hearth, HEart & Chromatic Natural Time Relations.


The way we honor time will transform holidays, into Holy Days and parties into ceremonies. Through special events like the Day out of Time, we will live like unto that which was foretold by our ancestors, the Ancient Ones. It will seem as though time is slowing down, when in fact it is speeding up!


Through the fractal stair case of pure mathematical dimension the time tunnels will give way to reveal the planetary flux tube system, where Cosmic History is stashed-cached-and- ordered-into-non-dogmatic-multi-faceted-Revelations. A unconventional "Day Out of Time" celebration or truce can distract the 21st century madman long enough to feel what it means to be "free at last, free at last!"


Channel Earth Today

Transmission Received, Relayed, Mirrored & Transcribed for Dissemination >>> 
Alpha 12, Red Resonant Moon, Kin 189

May the God(s) pardon any omission of this truth that
does not serve to forward the best interests of the
Earth and Her people.