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This is a partial list of those who chose to hire local laborer Jason Garrett Gibson for projects related to estate maintenance, general labor, exterior wood restoration and jobs requiring team work and group endeavors. 

Jason's employment record and career history were hosted on myspace servers before being lost over the course of an upgrade. His productivity ledger, reference and letters of recommendation are soon to be recapitulated and transferred from the linkedin platform for review - thank you.

Mr. Paul Blackburn
Mayor - Hood River Oregon 2015
General labor. Property maintenance projects for Paul at his personal residence back in 2005 - 2006.

Mr. Ron Ranier
Honorable Judge for Skamania County
Cleared, demolished and recycled materials for Ron's local office in White Salmon Washington. Cleaned rooftops, gutters and siding of his rental unit under his wife's supervision in the Dalles, Oregon.

Ms. Shirley Little
Retired Law Librarian for Skamania County
Shirley is acknowledged for her dedication to the completion of the Stevenson Law Library, and 37 years of service to Skamania County.

Mr. Gary Olsen
Gary worked as county auditor in Skamania for 20 years.

Drs. Durkan & Hering
Building Maintenance
Hood River, OR.

Bob & Kate Hanel
Owner(s) of Indian Hills Golf Course
Deck restoration, cleared gutters & cleaned the rooftop(s).

Mr. Guy Puddbfoot
Pro Golfer for Skamania Lodge Golf Course
Restored Guy's deck at his home in White Salmon.

Mr. Kevin D. Combs
Owner/General Manager for Beacon Rock Golf Course
Labor consulting/web site design & marketing communications.

Mr. Clarke Emerson
Owner of the Hood River Sports Club
Estate maintenance.

Mr. Lyle Cunningham
Operations Manager for Duckwall Fruit

Mr. Jerry Mcdonald
Trucker and Musician
Skamania County resident for 20 years or so... rooftop maintenance.

Mr. John Wilcox
Owner of Wilcox Furniture Stores
Exterior wood/deck restoration for John's personel estate in White Salmon.

Ms. Connie Kennedy
Assistant Superintendent
Ms. Kennedy used to work for Hood River County Schools... Jason provided simple maintenance related project's & task's. Thank You Connie!

The Elks Club
Hood River
General Maintenance/Window Repair.

Mr. Greg Blair
Home maintenance. Refinish hardwood floors & interior painting.

Mr. Michael Colbo
Operations Manager - Rite Aid

Ms. Vernita Duncan
Secretary for Insitu Corporation
"Cleared them gutters."

Mr. Daniel Rasmussen
Roof-top maintenance for Dan about 4 years ago...

Mr. Don Baldwin
Master Mason
Roof-top maintenance.

Mr. Mike Caldwell
Owner - Stonehedge Restaurant
Seasonal maintenance i.e. gutters, moss treatment and odd jobs.

Thank's to all of those folks who have chosen to utilize my/our skill-base.