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Cascadia Earth
Columbia River Basin 1987 - 2020
Creative Economy of Affairs

Notoriously revered & shunned...

Feared by capitalistic 12:60 crooks, artificial CORPORATE subject SLAVES, profiteers, zombie bitchesdouble agents, ganja gangsters, rogue rebels, free radicals, saints, sinners, politicians, red coats, conservatives, chaos & order alike.  

As Legend will have it...

Self-employed entrepreneur Jason Garrett Gibson, chose to destroy and obliterate his "corporate personam," along with a successful home based business consulting career in 1998. "Business Research Consultants" was a successful business start-up endeavor that was located in Lake Oswego Oregon, from 1991-1998.

During that time Jason also served at his local neighborhood healing art's center known as the  Tiospaye of Ablaeza  located West Linn.  Jason found His beat monkey & joined a percussion ensemble spear-headed by Eric Kelley called  The Friends of Ngoma.  The group was mentored & influenced by the likes of Sir Arthur Hull, Kim Atkinson, Caton Lyles and Ruby Burns (google search ye').

Ngoma & Friends worked to foster Rhythm Culture  through means of dance classes, special events, theater and outreach education programs. Jason's seasonal family  Harvest Jam  affair became a "hip annual bein'," and was hosted at Silver Falls State Park from 1992-1995.


The event catalyzed as a "collective-cooperative" cultural endeavor and served as the staging ground for some of the most influential artist's at that time, out of both North and Southeast Portland (photo albums here).

Having attended several National Rainbow Gathering's & Sundances, Jason & Friends spear-headed 14 bioregional Harvest Jam tours, freely distributing the 13 Moon Calendar through out the Pacific Northwest from 1998-2012.  A very "chic," Garden Cultured Home Economic alternative lifestyle began to develop, and is now flowering throughout Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii and Northern California.

While anticipating the birth of his first born child,  Jason formulated & codified his aesthetic discipline into a lifestyle or  "N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T."  approach, which developed over time into a "personal practice."

His activism attracted the interest of some notable folks. In 1995 & 1996 he received the work(s), guidance and academic inspiration he was looking for through the likes of Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles. This was the year of the Yellow Overtone Seed; somewhere a "burning man" celebration  was being had.   

When Jose' and Lloydine decided to move to Brightwood Oregon in 1997, we began a new quest for abundance and formally took steps to re-organize ourselves & "de-program" from a life of stress ($12:60) and financial angst. It wasn't long before we started living by the 13 Moon 28 day Natural Time Calendar and decided to test-drive "time as art," full-time.

Jason's Business Research perseverance in the telecom industry (All About Tours & Travel), a major account, paid off for Jason and a favorable monthly residual income was earned after years of diligent effort as he was earning $3-5k a month effortlessly ! This income allowed Jason too journey south to The National Rainbow Gathering in Arizona & The Four Corners Sundance in Tuba City in 1997-98, facilitated by Chief Frank Fools Crow.  Upon his return through Northern California, he discovered Harbin Hotsprings, massage and Hatha Yoga.

As a literary occultist, activist, art advocate, musician, television access producer, social networker, master of ceremonies, avatar "Justin-Time" aka "Bud Steelhead" was thrown into high-gear through means of what appeared to be a motion picture award of sort's. A so called "grant," allowed Jason to attend a 49 day seminary with Jose' and Lloydine in Picarquin Chile outside of Santiago in 1999, but would also cost him his life along with his corporate comforts & "privileges." Over the course of the ten years that followed, the "scholarship grant" only proved to be a curse as Jason was routinely and ruthlessly scrutinized by intelligent cyborg's who deployed every tactic possible to discredit, dupe, demean and destroy Jason's integrity. 

Core Family Kin pictured here upon return from the 7 week, 49 day psychophysical "overhaul" in Picarquine Chile 1999 with Valum Votan, Bolon Ik their offspring called the Earth Wizards.  


  Mt. Hood Retreat - Welches Oregon 1999


BUD swiftly returned to Northern California (Lake County), "Justin-Time" to find himself neighboring close to Mr. Dennis Peron, one of the Chief Petitioners of California's Medical Marijuana prop 215.

By means of what would eventually be coined as "Natural-Time Retreat(s)",  Jason's life would forever serve as a catalyst for the advent of a Global Galactic based Garden Culture. Our Movement is highly charged & active in over 22 countries...

Special events like the  Day out of Time  (DOOT) were sponsored by PAN Portland and held at Pioneer Courthouse Square from 1996-2000, along with City Repair Project Teams and the "like." In 1999 the Chief of Police Mark A. Kroecker, along with Portland Mayor Vera Katz attended (DOOT) and received the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Plan along with the Banner of Peace.

New social forms, creative economy & alternative energy sources slowly began to emerge. These vehicles stand & serve as a social catalyst to the "rich-art" demographic being stitched throughout the Columbia River Basin today, ranking the Portland metro area as "one of the most desirable places to live" by (Money Magazine 2013).

Mt. Shasta Day out of Time Gathering 2013 --- Tun UK New Years Day --- Magnetic Moon 1

Through means of special events, social experiments & highly concentrated creative effort(s), we have established and set the tone for a  Garden Cultured Economic Future  & a Holistic Alternative Way of Life beyond corporate America... and certainly without the assistance or foresight from any state or federal government agency.

Cascadia Earth 2013 <  13:20!

All of these elements we're proceeded by means of indigenous influences, planetary prophetic guidance/Vision, solar science, social networking, the Internet & Big Fuel inspired through the Discovery of the Law of Time - 1989.

It was the  Mayan Factor  and the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 however, that would seed the Noosphere & soon thereafter the Planet Art Network was born. The P.A.N. would serve as a stabilizing anchor to bridge Stellar Excitation &  The Biosphere - Noosphere Transition of  2012-2013 (see Earth Ascending).

The P.A.N. Amorikan "USA Transfer Stations"  are grounded throughout the Art Cultured Pacific Northwest by means of Oracle Gathering's, Burning Men, Digitron, "La' Bloom" West Coast festival's and "Time based Art Events." Native teachin's along with aesthetic practices & ceremonies offered through the Tisopaye of Ablaeza  &  P.A.N. Native AmorIKan Church's through out of northern California and now Salt Lake City Utah also inspired  P.A.N. Agent 67  into an expedient exodus/retreat and a 13:20 Mind >>> SHIFT "beyond technology." 

BUD's  contribution and involvement with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program began with His local Harvest Jam celebrations, but it didn't stop there!

It was the assistance of Metro East Community Television volunteers and again the creative influence and collaboration from the social fabric of north and southeast Portland art activist's whom would help set the stage for Oregon's Vote to legalize Medical Marijuana (measure 67) in 1998!

Jump light speed to His retreat into the Columbia River Gorge from 2001-2005, where DuDe refined and intensified His personal practice through self-healing methods incorporating yoga, herbology, hydrotherapy, massage, essential oils, massage and shaaaazaam; Shakti- Kundalini activation at age thirty one!

In order to be closer to his son Josua', Dude chose to reside on the Wind River near St. Martins Hotspring. While serving as a hydro therapist & bath house attendant, BUD discovered the secret to managing & transcending pain and discomfort.  He was also graced and assisted by a young woman named Nancy Jean with a physical education degree. The two of them practiced various form of tantra yoga while operating a massage studio in White Salmon Washington.

Through direct experience and by means of the yogic science of purification best described in the Shiva SamritaBUD stumbled into a new relationship with the Shakti of Kanabous Sativa, which helped Him to properly align body, mind and soul with the Holy Herb and His Practice. Cannabis is an "All-Natural Cure"  for pain and discomfort, however the correct understanding of such is likely to be distorted and soon coveted by corporate commercial interest's. It is BUD's opinion that marijuana used outside of the yogic context could be detrimental without the Essene Teachings of Christ & the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Stella Janes  RE-Leaf  method along with the proper preparation and administration of topical Kanna' oil applications, along with Phoenix Tears & the teaching's of Rick Simpson (in exile), serve as a universal approach for the N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.  paradigm shift of 2013! Kanabous cures cancer, repairs junk DNA and above all, feels good!

By means of a sunspot love affair, H.A.R.P. Healing Art Center's have surfaced to incorporate & provide a context for the HEaling art's & values related to Earth Day, 4.20 Cosmick Culture and various "meet-up" groups alike.

Further efforts to legitimize, formalize and water-mark the Columbia River~Care "Broviders" Association as a professional Practitioners Guild are under way. Through m-Scale Science, skillful methods for healing & safe transfer protocols are currently in full swing throughout the Columbia River Basin.

Recap: In preparation for the arrival of  Time Ship Earth 2013BUD took the "deep dive" back in 2006. Through means of intense aesthetic practices & the Autumn equinox Ghost Dance facilitated by Dr. Gabriel Cousin's, he was fortunate to retreat to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Padagonia Arizona. BUD was honored & chosen to be initiated as the 19th member/participant of Gabriel's Crew during the Equinox of the Gods in 2006.

Seven more years of purgatory, intense critique, cyber warfare & homelessness would pass before the PAN Illuminaughty Kindom Council would be pacified however.

...while raising his family in Carson & Stevenson Washington, BUD managed to remain gainfully self-employed utilizing his blue collared skills and bullet proof work ethic as a handyman. He managed to survive... only to return and tell the "TALLEST OF TALES!"



In early 2008, the economy in the Gorge began to "buckle" and contract. BUD found himself being hassled by local law enforcement and "double agents," masquerading as "friends." Iron handed fraudulent tactics used by government agencies, shady law enforcement in Stevenson Washington and stool pigeons like John McSherry in Skamania County, all conspired to destroy the handyman.

The Oregon Construction Contractors Board & Clackamas County Child Support Division, also intensified their interest to regulate, harrass & terminate the blue collared self-employed laborer, along with illegal immigrants alike.

Since that time the Gorge has been bought and sold to the likes of Insitu, a military contractor producing drone-bot's for the US military corporate war industry.

Camouflage capitalist's and corporate business men are investing millions of dollars into the Gorge economy as we speak. Drone-bot's are slowly grafting their influence into the subliminal mind field of the creative social fabric of the once great Columbia River Gorge, and capitalism has the people divided through means of a competitive market place mentality, fear and scarcity.

Will the terminator clone-drones invade Portlandia' as well ? Only time can tell !

Alter ~ Nation 9.11 ~ "Time Based Art" ~  TBA 1996 ~ 2020

What Really Happened !