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Columbia River Basin 1987 - 2020
Creative Economy of Affairs
Professional Associations - Public Relations
Jason G. Gibson's social service compact from 1986 - 2020

...under construction.

Foundation for the Law of Time
Outreach Education & Media Development
Volunteer access media producer and special event coordinator since 1997, dedicated to the Discovery of the Law of Time along with subsequent work(s) of Dr. Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles and the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

Jason practices & maintains most all of the prescription meditation's, teaching's and practice's of Dr. Arguelles aka Valum Votan.

By means of astute awareness to cyclical occurrences, multidimensional relationships & intersections to principles rooted within the Synchronic Order, Jason's has activated the human planet holon - his awareness has become comprehensive and fluid.

Gibson began reading at a very young age and was "Christed" by his uncle Larry Gibson, a Baptist preacher. At the age of 9 he made telepathic "contact" with the spirit of the letter or "logos."

Jason is inspired by literary art's and artist's, prophets and madmen - more so by history, occult mysteries, cultural tradition's, legends, myths, storys and diverse legacy's. As a "Day - Keeper," he maintains a spiritual bond to the Ancient Ones through extraterrestrial intelligence found through the solar priesthoods of the Chilam Balaam and Kalachakara tradition(s).

The Mayan Long Count along with the Prophecy of Pacal Votan, serve as testament's to a "mind well kept." Practical application of "time travel principles," coupled by the supra mental science of the Noosphere, takes form through specific wisdom traditions rooted in an Earth based science & Discovery of the Law of Time.

Gibson offers insight and practical instruction into the application of both the solar count (Haab 0=19) and lunar divination craeft (Tun Uk 13:28). His knowledge of the Mayan Factor or "Tzolkin" is extensive and all inclusive. He is well versed in most all of the tools and materials provided by the Foundation for the Law of Time.

Flow Yoga Studio
Adept Practitioner
Jason has been practicing various form of aesthetic athletic forms since 1993. He took a serious approach to the "science of purification" while serving as a resident steward at a native healing arts center called the Tiospaye of Ablaeza, located in West Linn, Oregon.

His devotion took a formal approach towards various forms of yoga in 1999-2002. He regularly attended Bikrahm's College of yoga in Hood River Oregon under the wings of Pamela and Shanon Red Cloud (Pure Yoga - Dalles, OR.)

Jason took a serious approach to the 8 branches of yoga through a Buddhist Vajrayana tradition incorporating Vipassana meditation, niyama, pranayama, mantra, asana, hydrotherapy, herbology and massage.

In 2006 he indulged in a 7 week tour to Thailand to incorporate into his practice the Lotus Palm method of Thai Yoga massage. For the past 11 years he has consistently practiced at Flow Yoga Studios under the wing of owner(s) Stephanie Adams, Sybil Nance, Jennifer & Adi Vajra.

Billy Brujo
Street Petitioner / Advocate
Voter Power Measure 74 Campaign 2010. "Decriminalization of the Nation(s) Campaign for Peace." https://www.facebook.com/restorehemp

Ableza Medicine Center
Initiate - Adept Practitioner - 7 Ways of Walking
Ground Crew - provided support and participation with the preservation of Native American Lakota Traditions under the guidance of Good Horse & Sweet Medicine Nation.

Explored alternative healing methods and primordial skills from 1993-1998 in West Linn, Oregon.

See Historic
(Tomonowowos Meteorite)

On display at the National Museum for Natural History in New York.

Refs and monthly moon lodge schedule here:

Stevenson Small Business Association
Worked with the development committee to populate the city web site. Provided insight & feed-back into the cultural history of the Columbia River Gorge. Advocated service's for small business's.Worked as a consultant to represent the best interest's of the City of Stevenson and it's Charter Declaration.

Stevenson Chamber of Commerce
Chamber Member since 2003. Public Relations...played Santa Clause for kids at the Skamania Lodge in 2003. Volunteered for Skamania County Fair & acted as a Cultural Liason for the SCA Kingdom of AnTir. Played various roles for the purpose of networking true values that contrast with a philosophy geared by tourism, "time is money, heads in beds," and other business strategies with "$hooks$."

St. Martins Hotsprings
Hydrotherapist/Wellness Practitioner
Frequenting the springs since 1998 & formally hired on as a bath house attendant in 2005. Lived in the historic hotel and worked at the springs for approximately 7 moons. Reclaimed the lore of St. Martin the Water Wizard.

North Bonneville Hotsprings
Hydrotherapist/Wellness Consultant
Bath house assistant and yoga practitioner in 2006.

Mr. Mark Lowry
Retired Foreman
After 28 years of working for WKO Mills in Carson WA., Mark decided to open his own metal fab shop at home. He currently enjoys building customized motorcycles. Mark is another Labor Ready Local Sovereign who consults with our neighboring clients on occasion.

Progessors Walt & Marge Brauer*
Having met Professor Brauer at the PAF E/W Retreat at Mt. Hood Oregon in May of 2000, I was privy to visit him and his wife in Watertown New York and stayed for a month. Under His wing I had the supreme good fortune of attending my first Theodish Mid-Summer Ceremony/Retreat with Garmond Lord, Aelfric and their tribe of Northern Germanic kinsfolk. After retiring from the public education system with 35 years of service under His belt, Walt and Marge settled down in Watertown NY. Lord Brauer passed over some time in 2009-2010 and I regret the lack of detail as I have essentially been on the run since 1998.

Mt. Adams Chamber of Commerce 2007
...as of recent.

Professor Daniel Rasmussen
Outreach Educator, Scientist & Artist
Mr. Rasmussen is the spearhead of the GISMO Science Project through the Mosier School District in the Columbia River Gorge Oregon. Daniel has chosen Jason to assist with the creative development of "Elements & Orbits." The ultimate role-playing adventure game is forth-coming. Film at eleven...

Carlos Cornieles - Kite the Gorge
Owner / Operator / Kite Instructor
Jason met Carlos during a street fair in Hood River Oregon (first Friday) and often played music for Carlos who was promoting and establishing his "Kite the Gorge" school some-time in 2003 or 2004. Jason is a cultural catalyst at the "spit" where the school is located... he can often be found sailing soul and sharing the "FundaMentals of Rhythm" with Friends @@@ https://www.mixcloud.com/friends_of_ngoma/

Jack Black - Hood River Water Sports
Owner / Operator
Jason taught sport safety for Jack in 2005 - 2006, working with the trainer kite "progression" series of lesson's. He was so successful and quick at building rapport with Jack's student/clients that Mr. Black became envious and never re-hired Jason out of envy.

Brian's Windsurfing
Owner / Operator / Kite Instructor
Going back 10 years or so, Brian sponsors the Friends of Ngoma on occasion... he and Jason have been known to share a girlfriend or two.

Debbie Baker
C.C.C. Dean of Student Success
Jason was elected and served as a Senator for the Associated Student Government of Clackamas Community College in 1991. He was commissioned to spearhead special event's & entertainment on campus and served the Art's & Cultural Council until 1994.


Jason G. Gibson has been industrious since the age of 12 and gainfully self-employed since 1991. His personal profile, work references, professional history, education, experience and so on are still forth-coming.  


Jason began his professional career as a sole-proprietor in the state of Oregon under the DBA of  Business Research Consultants .  He raised his family in West Linn & Lake Oswego Oregon from 1993-1999.  Afterwards he registered in the state of Washington under the auspice of  Good Company & Friends seeking solidarity, clarity & total autonomy of economy. For personal health reasons, he turned and walked away from the values of corporate America to become more self-sufficient & focus on personal development and strength training. 


From 2001-2008, Jason managed to build a successful clientele serving as a handyman laborer with over 650 customers located through-out the Columbia River Basin.


He has since diversified his interest in the pursuit of total personal freedom and is going back to school as a full-time student pursuing an interest in law, social order & holonomics. That being said, Jason has been coerced, squeezed and manipulated into submission by a war economy of perverse interest(s).  Local government officials want him to "tone-down," forcing him to "tune-up" and shift into "high-gear."


Jason has been a Legal Shield Member since 2000 and is currently a Senior Associate pursuing family law. He is actively seeking remedy to equalize corporate fraud, modern slavery, war, & the abuse of false authority. He has lobbied in Salem for social economic reform since 2010, speaking in various councils and participating in political debate & outreach media campaigns, he is following in the foot steps of his ancestor(s) John Brown while riding the coat-tails of his Great Grandfather Henry Gibson.


Henry worked in the Gorge as a building contractor for North Bonneville Dam back in the day. Henry and his wife Ethel raised seven boys just outside of Skamania Landing in Washington.  Bill Gibson was amongst the seven who married Madaline Rutan, having four children of their own and a son named Steven Von who married Sandra K. Scott; Two boys we're born, Jason & Eric. Jason has one man child of 18 years named Josua' Garrett. 


Sourcing roots and family history is of keen interest to Jason. Oddly enough, Jason was raised in Carson Valley Nevada & relocated from West Linn to Carson Washington after his divorce in 2000. He is Steven's first son and relative to Bill William Gibson (Jason's Grandfather), whom according to the history books opened and managed the first post office in the Gorge located in the Dalles Oregon. Gibson prairie located off Hwy 35 near Parkdale also stands as a memoir to Jason's uncles, most of whom were horse men/cowboys having served in the military. George Gibson accompanied the Lewis and Clarke expedition as a fiddler and an interpreter & the rest of the Gibson family crest goes back to Galloway West of Scotland, where distant relatives once held the office of High Sheriff. One of Jason's uncle's was a country singer named Bud (youngest of the seven), followed by Jason's distant cousin Bud who owns the oldest dairy farm of a dude ranch on the island of Oahu. Apparently his son is a Police Officer who helps his Dad run a mens retreat and a yearly rodeo. I caught wind of these guy's when they made media news in 2010 by having two bulls in the international rodeo's in Las Vegas and Reno in 2010.


Jason's blood line (type O) is a high bred fusion of ethnicity stretching back into Nigeria, the heart of Africa. The rest of his family "fetch" is forth-coming... this background/perspective was written on behalf of Jason's first-born son Joshua G. Gibson, stolen from him at the age of five by the Simon/Kaseberg cartel in the state of Oregon, Clackamas County Oregon City.


That's all you need to know for now, thanks for reading my frog blog and "thinking those links."