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Hawthorne Bridge celebrates its 100th birthday
Published: Sunday, August 01, 2010

  <<~:< First Annual ! >:~>>

The Man of MANY HATS

PDX Bridge Festival July 29th - August 7, 2011 !

July 2010 - Portland Oregon USA

In an unprecedent display of brilliance the Hawthorne Bridge transformed into a platform for interactive light and projection media show! Screens stretched across the trussing along the bridge span provided a framework for a visual tour of the City of Roses - who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going... 

Using gathered media from the last 100 years, text-based interactions from the audience captured images from the event! Imagine live digital artists stretching fantastic patterns in spider webed fashion across the bridge...

A marching band was led by the likes of the March 4th consortium of interest's.  Spearheadeding an entire train of celebrants, we converged in the center of the bridge and danced to live DJ's and Ringleaders, whom staged the event from the roof-top of the Magik Bus. You could feel the bridge flexing with the bump and grind of several hundred dancers grooving to electronica' and her beat monkey's. At one point in the eve's worth, the flex in the bridge was enough to ask all of the participants to exit and return to the riverside for a most fantastic display of showmanship and dawn breaking jubilee~

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