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From the Journey Journal of Jason G. Gibson & The Book of Sorrows - 2006                                          


During the winter season of 2005 while at an open mic evening at the River City Saloon in Hood River Oregon, the Wyrd word managed to weave it's way through my lips (A Budsman ), into the ears of a Bluesman who introduced himself as Montreville Blakely Junior III.


Long winded and over worked these Labor Locals spent the evening playing music and drinking gin. I can recall camping in my van along side "Mantra," as we both had chosen the same safe-haven for the evening - a parking lot near the rail road.


The next morning I awoke and was warmed with admiration for a man whom like myself, was willing to sleep in his vehicle during the coldest of winter's to keep his muse alive. At the time Montreville (X-Vietnam Vet) was over-coming a slew of legal issues related to his family (6 kids or so) which he struggled to support while living in the outskirt wasteland of Wasco County.


While frequenting the Trillium Cafe in da' Hood, we met a vagabond couple who introduced themselves as the "Dawnies." Donnie played bass guitar and covered all the hits while his partner Dawn crafted jewelry and drew castles in the sky.


I/we moved into a house on Loop road in Stevenson Washington along with Chris Holzer and John Mcsherry Inc..  "Mantra" crashed at our pad occasionally, always bolting too and fro while claiming that "we're all going to Hollywood after he inherited his Father's estate." He ultimately delivered and kicked open a door which led to an opportunity through Arlo Guthrie, who's father Woody had recorded several song's for the Forestry Service and the North Bonneville Dam Administration (Columbia River Gorge) back in the day.



We adopted the Dawnies and a headful of challenges when Mantra moved in; One afternoon I came home to find our living room stacked with gear, guitars, several microphones a sound engineer and a total rock and roll living room - it was awesome !


While on the fly, we managed to scratch a dozen or so tracks over the course of a week or so with little or no polish to the material. According to Mantra, our demo would serve as a calling card to support a campaign & address the issue of homelessness. The project attracted interest and support from the likes of Sting, Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Natalie Merchant and Arlo himself.



Mrs. Fred H., Jerry McDonald, Ivy Rose, Richie Mitch, Jesse White and several locals dropped in and the house was frequented by ramblers as something BIG was happening... we drank many rivers. The music that came out of those sessions is the ground work of what you hear when you think the links below 



Herein' lies the score: we managed to survive despite the fall-out, but not without casualties. The rhythm section got screwed while the guitars (Chris & Mantra)  we're sponsored to record with Natalie Merchant in Boston Masachusettes.


Donnie managed to break his hand during a fit with Dawn and ended up doing serious jail-time a few years after the fact. During the recording sessions, I was charged with assault (which was dropped) for restraining Donnie from breaking his other hand.

As the world turns, we discovered John Mcsherry Inc. to be a double agent managing affairs for the Port of Stevenson while his family sells arms in Irag.  John moved out of the house & was charged with harassment by Jason (which did'nt schtick) while Jason was sent to jail for an alleged violation of his "release agreement" (which was also dropped).



The last time I spoke with Mantra he spent close to $30,000 dollars (divorced) which he received for his/OUR effort and claimed to be going back to school to become a conflict resolution attorney. To this day we do not know if he has achieved "remedy" status; however he's certainly on His Way.


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